Classification of Campaigns and of GM Preferences

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Intro and Acknowledgments

This is a system of classification of RPG gamemastering styles. It's pretty much entirely a summation of other people's ideas, drawn from discussions on, collected and organized by Leon von Stauber, hopefully presented in a manner that will clarify, rather than obscure, the issues. It draws especially heavily on the ideas of Rodney Payne. The vestiges of the ol' plot/world business is still in here: I can't remember if that was John Kim's, or if he was summarizing someone else's ideas. The Diagetic setting issues here were spurred by Mary Kuhner's original "romantic/realistic" contrast. Kevin Hardwick is responsible for making clear to me the Template dramatic technique, and for helping me refine some of the terms. And of course, all of the people engaged in the discussions on r.g.f.a. have added immeasurably to the exposition and value of these ideas. (Please remind me if I've left anyone out! My memory's not so good, and it's even worse with names! :-)

This system is intended to classify individual campaigns. It can also be used to rate general GM tendencies and preferences.

That having been said, onward we go!


* This category is speculative. It does not appear in this form on the Axes 1.1.0 pages linked to here.

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